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Did you leave the community?
Are you still have connections with the community? 

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Just wondering why you are asking this question.
Are you taking a survey or do you want to know the reason why some are still
attending meetings.
I appreciate that we all have to make our own decision in this matter and there are many factors that come into play. All of our circumstances are different and affects our course of action.

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I would like to ask your advice: continue to go to meetings or not?
13 years ago some of my friends leave Jehova Withness and they said to me: "This not
the truth so we have to leave". I thought that even this is not the truth, it is very close
the thrut, so i continue to עם to meetings. Now i am not sure that i am doing the right
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I fix the last sentence: 
so i continue to go to meetings. Now i am not sure that i am doing the right
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well, I always keep in mind the example of Jesus.
In his time the nation of Israel was known as God's people. Although a lot of bad things were happening, especially related to the religious leaders.
Still Jesus considered the temple Jehovah's house.

So the same in our time. The JW's are the closest to the truth as anyone else. According to the Bible, Jehovah will have a people bearing his name, so only JW's will fit this description.
So even though there are mistakes being made, still the basic truths are correct and as long as not said otherwise I'll keep going to the meetings and try to be in good standing in the congregation.
I'll keep following text in mind:
Math 23:2 "Therefore, all the things they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say but they do not practice what they say"
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Are you preaching?
If yes, what do you say to peoples?
Do you send them to meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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yes, although I'm limited in what I can do (divided family).
For sure I would send them to the meetings since it is important to learn the basic truths about Jehovah.
I focus currently on my family to get them back to Jehovah.
John S
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This is an important question. I ask myself if I should go back to meetings after quitting the JW religion almost ten years ago. I have gone to some meetings over the years, and one assembly morning just to see if any major changes have occurred. And yes, major changes have occurred....but not for true worship, but more for convenience' sake ...expediency, or profit of the Society. This is easy to has come close to Jesus' voice ( teachings) from reading his words in Gospel of John.

  Because I received the spirit rebirth, as many present JW's have been....I know how important it is to follow the  'truth' Jesus taught; not WT doctrine.(John 8:32...4:24) This is his cardinal theme; 'Listen to my teachings, and obey them'. To the Samaritan woman at the well, (John 4) Jesus emphasized the Samaritans did not have the truth, but the Jews were the only people who really knew God and worshiped acceptably. Today it is Christianity; primarily Jesus' teachings, not Christian religion , we must worship by.

  One of the foremost of his teachings is the anointing/rebirth of the holy Spirit...the adoption by God to be given the spirit, and the truth through that spirit. Holy Spirit would become the intimate conscience and teacher of the reborn disciple. No 'Organization'...claimed to be "Jehovah's" , "Christ's", Baptist. Mormon, or any other is the requirement for receiving God's words and Jesus' teachings. Only by a personal one on one of the interested one, and God, through the word (Bible), and the prayer for God to draw near to the yearning and repentant one is necessary.

    Some church pastors , and members will teach this. though , to their credit....whereas the JW's will do the opposite circus or advertisers on the tv...."We are the door of the sheep...not Jesus." (see John 10) JW's leadership actually have been teaching, "Only 144,000 are to be chosen as rulers, and that number has been filled 80 years ago!"

  Really, how could they possibly know those answers?

  And should they derail the train of thought Jesus laid down, which all the followers of Christ...even Paul, the 13th Apostle taught; "You must be born again."? (John 3...Rom 8)

  There are many teachings the WT is promoting as hard-hitting truths which cannot be backed by scripture at all.

  One major one that is not even touched on Biblically can be easily seen by their excommunication of members who are smoking . Think about it, if they really loved one another, wouldn't there be at least some programs for their membership to help those who desire to stop, as serious as they paint this picture of their divine judgement?

  I don't smoke, but I admit addiction to sugar, fats, a certain amount of foods which I overeat...drink...and even sexual desires and satisfying these....thats like an addiction too. So...whose place is .....oh,, too. Whose place is it to throw out of the temple people who have these weaknesses for food or bodily desires? (not fornication )

   Meeting attendance

  Door-to-door activity

   Birthdays and holiday participation

   Political activity/voting

   Stating the will to be obedient to civil authority (flag salute, standing during national anthem, etc.)

   And on and on.

   Worshiping God according to men's made -up rules does not always go well with God and Christ. So....Jesus even stated, "Traditions of men make the word of God invalid". (John 15, or 13..I believe)

  These are things those who begin to question the iron fist the WT is bringing to bear on the weak-of-will need to satisfy, so they can begin to answer this question, "Should I continue on following JW's or not?"

  To state that JW's are the closest to the truth is not factual, to me. There are huge statements made by WT (the ruling hierarchy), that are dead wrong; claiming they are the sole religion with the 'truth' being one of the foremost...or that all churches other than WT are a part of the religious harlot Babylon. These are statements we equate with Jim Jones, David Koresh, and even Hitler, Castro, and all bigots, dictators, and false Christs. There is only one channel of truth; the word of God. and the accompaniment of by the Holy Spirit, and then Christ, the head of the congregation of the firstborn in the heavens who himself gets to be one along with Father Jehovah when that one receives the spirit after putting faith in the blood of Christ and requesting God to come to his aid.

   That is the 'Good News of the Kingdom'....that cannot be scripturally challenged successfully.
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Originally Posted by John S
This is an important question. I ask myself if I should go back to meetings after quitting the JW religion almost ten years ago...

Hi John. I'm a little confused by the message you're trying to get across. On the one hand you mention the Samaritan woman at the well, and that "Jesus emphasized the Samaritans did not have the truth, but the Jews were the only people who really knew God and worshiped acceptably". Right above that you also mention that you "know how important it is to follow the 'truth' Jesus taught". But towards the end you say that "To state that JW's are the closest to the truth is not factual, to me" and "There is only one channel of truth; the word of God".

The reason I'm confused is that, in order for people to find that "one channel of truth", there needs to be someone out there fighting back against the false doctrines that are so prevalent throughout Christianity. Without the Witnesses teaching you the basics of true worship, can you honestly say that you would have found the truth on your own? You, along with just about everybody else, would have likely fallen for the many snares that are out there.

You say that "Today it is Christianity; primarily Jesus' teachings, not Christian religion , we must worship by". But who defines what true Christianity is? Sure, we can all read the Bible and learn the same lessons on how important it is to be good little boys and girls and do what Jesus said, but what about his number one rule?

Matthew 22:37 - He said to him: “‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.’ 38 This is the greatest and first commandment.

Who is Jehovah? Is he one God? Is he part of a trinity? If we don't know the answer to that, how can anyone love him with everything they have? If anyone thinks that it isn't really that big of a deal, they clearly don't understand what the Bible is saying. "True worship" is just that; worshipping in truth. By far the vast majority of people out there that call themselves Christians, regardless of how sincere they may be, are not worshipping in truth because they accept the trinity lie. Were it not for the Witnesses, the rest of us probably would have fallen for it too.

They definitely have their problems, and I understand if you choose to worship at home, but let's at least give credit where credit is due. They are the only religion out there teaching the basics correctly. They've paved the way for millions to understand what true worship is, and to get a better understanding of what the Bible is trying to tell us. It is those teachings that allow us to understand the things Robert writes here. Without them, we would be just like the millions of "Christians" shortly after the apostles died and up until the formation of the JW's; lost and without a clue.

ETA: The Bible is full of examples of God's people messing up. Why should we suppose it would be any different today?
John S
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New reply in topic "Are you still going to the meeting?"


  Yes this is true. many Christians know Jehovah is Almighty God's
name. They use it in their Sunday school lessons, songs, and preach it
in their sermons. I was visiting a Baptist church Sunday and saw this
again. You are correct; people need to worship like Jesus, and that
means loving Jehovah with the whole soul, MIND, etc. They really need
this clarified. We all need to come closer to the truth of the word.

  JW's (of which I was a member all my life till I was in my 50's)
used to follow certain doctrinal traits, like changing their stand on
issues or teachings, once found to be flawed....but most the time try
to save face in pride, and egotism, fearing the empire will bleed out happened during the 1975 reveal. Still, the blame for
that falsehood was laid at the Joe Publisher line, and not accounted
to the GB, where it definitely belongs.

   My point, which is Jesus' and the Apostles clear
may have not noted as important, as JW's downplay this; all Christians
are to be born of the water and the holy spirit. All. See John 3, 4

    Like I said, Holy Spirit will teach along with Christ and the
word. There is no need of any religious clergy to be a mediator. (1
Cor. 11:3) Look at 1 John 2 where it says we no longer need men to
teach us, but the spirit. Also ch. 5:9-12

   "I am writing to warn you about those people who are misleading
you. But Christ has blessed you with the Holy Spirit. Now the Spirit
stays in you, and you don't need any teachers. The Spirit is truthful
and teaches you everything. So stay one in your heart with Christ,
just as the Spirit has taught you to do." 1 John 2: 26,27

   Many JW's are now, like myself. being born of the Spirit while we
are JW's and then have been run right out of the ORG. because they
resist the teachings of Christ. Instead of doing like the scripture
quoted above; 'staying one' with him.....magnifying Christ's teachings
over any man made(Russell, Rutherford, Franz,..whomever) doctrines.

   If a lover of Christ reads his instructions, they quickly see, as I
did the difference between what Jesus taught, and what WT teaches as
the GN of the K. It is NOT Paradise earth for all disciples. The
anointing is still going on in our day, and in many-to-any Christian
church. ...including JW.

  WT has now made a habit and a doctrine of eliminating the message;
be born again of the spirit and truth (knowledge of the gospel). They
intimidate by threats and apostasy-ostracizing anointed brothers of
Christ, making this the overriding message of the modern so-called
FDS...the 7-member GB....thus fulfilling world-wide the warning Jesus
gave at Matt. 25:31-46.

  True knowledge of God is now being dispensed by anointed ones
worldwide, as they continue to grow in the truth, wherever they are. I
have learned so much in the last 9,10 years after exiting WT...and
even for two years prior as I was given the spirit and partook  for
two years as a JW.

   JW are not advancing, but falling back into traps peculiar to Dark
Age Catholicism...building empires, liquidating assets to assuage
losses, and concerned primarily not with Jesus' words at all, but the
perpetuation of a locked-out doctrine which is as far from
Christianity as any other Christian religion. What is occurring in WT
ranks today is egotistical, fanatical, cruel (disfellowshipping in
almost all its shapes and sizes), and erroneous to the very
simple-minded Bible reader who reads, "Love your neighbor as

   The doctrine of LOVE is disregarded for the teaching of hate, and
intolerance of any Christian religions other than their own.

    The idea of going door-to-door with the intent of convincing
Christians they are being ordered to begin obeying WT's FDS or suffer
death is Satanic. (Gal 1:9...Rev 22:18,19)

   Brother Robert, (if he is a born again brother of Christ) has the
courage to speak up. That is what is required, and also to teach a
doctrine closer to Christ.

   I say 'Amen'.

  We who love Jehovah God, and now Christ to as our Lord, not just a
secondary angel, are excited as the truth is continuing to be unveiled
. I teach wherever I go, churches of all faiths,....but cannot do
anything at a KH, as I have resigned under protest, and considered ,
'Apostate'. Incommunicado.

   Online, I have hammered out 1000's upon 1000's of essays on
hundreds of topics, and hope to do so till I die. I'm 62, so that is
now shrinking!

   Keep thinking brothers and sisters all. Keep aligning with Christ
and his words, which are God's. We all are changing because the truth,
as foretold in Daniel, is now becoming known in gushers!
W Stone
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Just a note to those who are attending meetings.Paul said that we are doing spiritual warfare with dark forces in heavenly places He said to put on the compelled suit of armor..When one goes to the meeting one should heed Paul advice and have the complete suit of armor on...We our all like Christian soldiers doing spiritual warfare ..Some soldier who go to meeting are like those soldiers how in in the trenches fight hard for the truth. .
a watcher
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Yes, I still go to most of the meetings.
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