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actually the Nephilim are supposedly the children of the angels, not the angels themselves
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my first bible study was with an elder with I was in fourth grade, ... I could hardly read
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Satan is a serpent.

I don't see how a serpent can make God into a victim.
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you are right about the the Nephilim being the children of the angels. I probably am not making myself clear, the fireworks outside are making my head ring, the new year is 41 minutes old now!
If you were in 4th grade I am presuming you are in the USA, not sure what age that would have made you then. I am in Spanish territory, so we have a 5 hr'ish time difference.
Satan isn't a serpent, he used a serpent as a sort of ventriloquists dummy. The very fact that Eve was well acquainted with all the animals & knew they couldn't talk should have alerted her to the fact that something odd was going on!
I'm not at all sure just how much you have actually learned from your original time with the Witnesses, but you seem to have some questions there which ought to have been clearly answered for you.
Do you still believe in whatever it was that made you want to be one of Jehovahs Witnesses?
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the bible says that satan is the original serpent

animals can talk through psychic functioning
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The Scriptural account makes it plain that it was satan who spoke through the medium of a serpent, seducing Eve into disobedience to God's command . Gen 3:1- 7; 2 Co 11:3. As a consequence of satans use of the serpent, the Bible gives satan the title "Serpent", which came to signify "deceiver", he also became "the tempter" Matt 4:3 & a liar, "the father of the lie" - John 8:44; Rev 12:9

"animals can talk through psychic functioning"... you've lost me there, kiddo, my dog can let me know when she's hungry or needs a pee-pee, but doesn't exactly 'say' it!

I am presuming you are male for some reason & I guess quite young (as opposed to me who is a pensioner) I don't exactly 'get' what you are aiming for here, you have so many questions. I am enjoying chatting with you very much & will love to carry on, but it must be tomorrow. It is after 1 a.m. now & this old grannie is very tired. You are obviously very interested in finding out who is this God who owns the earth & heavens & you must have a lot of love in you for Him, your heart seems to be talking for you so let's go into it in depth via the Holy Scriptures, & I want to know more about what you want to know & what you are searching for. 
Hasta maƱana - until tomorrow??? We can start at the beginning if you like. Great talking with you, you filled my evening really well [smile] You can find me on FB if you like just send me a quick note to say who you are so I can add you, just don't be a troll [wink]
'Nite, agapeSave
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the bible calls God almighty

do you believe that this does not mean that he is all-power-full?
Reply with quote  #23 ALMIGHTY God Jehovah

In fact that link gives you direct access to every topic in the Insight on the Scriptures book published by the Watchtower Society. There are some absolutely fascinating articles in there & I'm certain all your questions will answered. The two volumes are excellent books altogether

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the Greek pan-kra-tor means all-power-full
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were you going to respond to pan-kra-tor being used?
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do you concede or not?

I wanted to cover the other topics such as omnipresence in the bible, but I am not going to if you don't concede to all-power-full

John S
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    Jesus Christ worshiped Father Jehovah. He proved beyond a doubt he was God's Son. That is the greatest evidence of Jehovah's Godship.

    The existence of the nation of Israel today; that is second , as their meticulously recorded history (Bible) is beyond criticism.

    As for why we worship Jehovah God? 

    How about, "I am alive.....thank you God!"
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