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did the jw website lie? about this?

the website says she went to shiloh

but the BIBLE says she was a burnt offering!!! (judges 11:31)
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One of the arguments I've heard (not by the JW's) is that the "and" in "and I will offer that one up as a burnt offering.” should be interpreted as "or", but either way, the NWT translates it as "and". I found another article on that explains things in more detail than the previous article I had linked.

The main point is that Jehovah, having granted Jephthah his request of winning the battle, never would have accepted a human sacrifice as payment for a vow.

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here is the evidence;

I must offer that one up as a burnt offering

he carried out the vow he had made regarding her

you have become the one I have banished

the young women of Israel would go to give commendation to the daughter of Jephʹthah

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I have to believe that it was meant figuratively when Jeph'thah used the term "burnt offering". The only evidence I can offer is that it is not like Jehovah to accept such an offer in return for helping someone. He would be disgusted by the very idea. I think the "you have become the one I have banished" sums it up. She was banished, and the young women would "go to give commendation". Note that it says "go to give", as opposed to just "give". That tells me they had to travel somewhere to do so, and it would make the most sense that that place was her new location. The place she was banished to.
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