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W Stone
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today we see two great systems pushing each other..
Who are they?. Today we see two fronts in the world one lead by the British and American verse that of the Russian Chinese and there alley's.if the Anglo/ American duel are Ally' could they be both the king of the north and king of the south.. they can't be both Kings
...Yes the London based financial has completely taken over the American that brings the Americans under the control to the king of the who today is the king of the south..?
W Stone
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Daniel 11:25 it said that at that time( the first time) that both Kings would amass a great army..if this is specking about the First world war the king of the south who was defeated were the Germany Ottoman empire .then in Daniel 11: 29 it says that the king of the north storms against the the king of the south but is not victorious. He is defect and dejected .this looks like your current situation in the middle East there the king of the north..the Anglo/ American king of coming against the Russian,China.Iranian ..just a thought...
W Stone
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Question: in Revelation Jesus is said to put to death in Egypt and in Sodom..we understand this to be one of the seven heads of the wild beast that being the Roman empire..but in daniel this Egypt is the king of the is it that Egypt is both the head of the wild beast and the king of the South.. were other heads of the 7 headed wild beast either king of the north or king of the south?..just a thought...
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answer to last question -

"As regards the “great city,” Jesus was, of course, condemned in Jerusalem and impaled just outside the walls of the holy city.

But in what sense was Jerusalem “Sodom and Egypt” in the “spiritual sense”?

Jesus was put to death by the Jewish religious leaders and Roman authorities. In the Hebrew Scriptures Jehovah refers to Israel as Sodom because of its iniquity. And since the Roman Empire was once one of the ruling heads of the symbolic seven-headed beast, of which the first world power of biblical history and prophecy was Egypt, Egypt is a fitting symbol for whatever head may be ruling. In that sense Rome was “Egypt” during the time of Christ—“in a spiritual sense.”"

just as Egypt equally represents the U.S. today. interchangeable
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reply to your thought -

read -
that chapter should help get your thoughts more in tune

Anglo/American is North + South. both as a duo, one horn a slave to the other
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answer to first questions -

the clay is pushing the iron.
the iron is a oligarchy monarchy government of imperial elite forming an empire who rule with an iron fist.
the clay is the (offspring) republic form of government.

because the U.S and Britain have a special relationship since one has coaxed the other. the other being the U.S. sothern government
W Stone
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In Revelation we read that Egypt and Sodom put the Chris to death..Yes we understand that this Egypt was the Roman empire. King of the north...but in Daniel chapter 11 ...we view this Egypt as being the king of the in could Egypt be both the king of the north in Revelation and king of the south in Daniel... Just a question...
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ok so you know the answer to why Rome is likened to Egypt. and you know the U.S. is likened to Egypt also. so then you know the answer already. Rome youre calling north (by extention today as Londinium) and the U.S. south today. both likened to Egypt before them in the past. each one distinguished today by north and south. interchangeable with Egypt because they are from the same source. (just like calling them Babylon.) Egypt is not the dominate king today but the U.S. is king of the south and likened to Egypt for its own reasons also. they are not just being likened to each other because of south and north.
W Stone
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There is is distinguished differents between the king of north and the king of the south in Daniel Chapter 11 that is not so in Revelation. Egypt is liken to to the king of north..if you let the Bible interpret is self Egypt is not the king of the south..
That being said was America every the king of the the south..being that it was always denominated by the the Anglo part of the the seventh head..thus being the 7th head of the beast .. Anglo American world power king of the who today is in the position of the king of the south..
If you let world events today speak for themselves it looks like Russia / China....
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i edited my last comment for less confusion.

why is Rome like Egypt?
why is the U.S. like Egypt?

north and south; they are both like Egypt.

the king spoken of in Rev is like Egypt.

is Egypt anymore a king? no. but the north and south kings today are. and they are like Egypt.

so whats the question?

could Russia or China be a biblical king of the south because the dominate kings are likened to Egypt even in Revelation? the U.S. and London are two distinct governments. the U.S. is the daughter of London but not always denominated. that is why Daniel speaks about the norths failures denominating the U.S., it holding its own, and therefore becoming its rival offspring not sticking together like iron and clay.

but intetesting thought.

here is a related articel if you havent read it already -

(comment is subject to editing)
W Stone
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In Daniel 11:25, it says that the king of the north a Masses a greate army and becomes say against..not alleged with the king of the South..against...if this scripture is talking about the first world war..the two opposing army..were the British ,who scheme to draw the Americans on there side verse the German Ottoman empire..thus being the king of the South...just a thought
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yes, at that point in time there was no *special relationship* -
but that relationship did not make the U.S. the same British government. it was/still the southern king. but a slave to the other. Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar did not dream more beast and metal images then the ones presented
W Stone
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Now that you mentioned Daniel chapter 2 and the dream of the huge image..after the iron there is the iron mixed with clay the Bible state that one part of the kingdom would be strong. The other part would be weak or brittle..if we are to believe that the clay part if this image is the king of the South or the American part .How could it be said that the clay part of the image is weak or brittle seeing that the American army is the strongest in the world...same like this illustration of the image is specking about military strength of each empire not there social standing without the nation ie: the oligarchy verse the common man...just a thought
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my imperfect understanding is that
the symbolic ilistration of feet wasnt focused on millitary mite. and i dont look at it too much as US-clay London-Iron but more to the effect of them together in that illistration being called a "kingdom". just as the two horns together are of a single beast. that does not imply that the U.S. millitary is fragile but the scripture seems to suggest that by reason of the people not sticking together is what makes it weak because as Jesus said "Every kingdom divided against itself comes to ruin and every city or house divided against itself will not stand" just as Daniel said "Just as you saw iron mixed with soft clay, they will be mixed with the people; but they will not stick together, one to the other, just as iron does not mix with clay. it does not say that the army is not mighty or weak.

so the south and the north make up a single clay & iron kingdom although they, the U.S. & London are in fact two different unworkable governments. so in my mind it is "we the people" vs the eliet or republic vs monarchy or oligarchy verse the common man.

Isaiah 19:2

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W Stone
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What your saying then is that the image the clay and iron is showing the difference attitudes of people within the Anglo American duel world power. the iron show the old ruling authority,the clay represent the people
from of government...but as far I know neither England or America is ruled by oligarchy..thought England does have a Queen..her role to mostly ceremonially .
So what part of these two kingdom are the iron part of the image.?.just a question for
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