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W Stone
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The Russian empire..has strong ties to the Greek that most Russian our of the Russian Orthodox religion.. A religion with strong ties to the Greek Orthodox religion.In all reality the major conflict of the 20 the century has been between the American lead imperialism verse the the people revolution of Russia aka communism? It's a curious thing that in days world we divide the world into the eastern block of country which include Russia and China and the Western block of Nations which include Britain and America,we use direction from the compass to describe a divided world Also the angle in Daniel uses directions on a compass to discuss a divided world but he use the terms King of the north and king of the he using these terms to illustrate the divide world of today? just a thought.....also the worker revolution of the Soviet Union which was a revolt against the imperial system remember me more of the clay being that it was a revolt against the Russian oligarchy system..just a thought
W Stone
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Because the new economic system called the BRICS is pushing for reform from the dieing Brishish/American economic system, This pushing is coming from The king of the South.
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