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Here's something I've thought about before. The law hadn't been given to Israel when Cain and Abel were alive but in God's law it says a life for a life. Cain didn't seem to feel repentant for his brother so why did God allow Cain an alternative punishment?
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idk. ive had that thought and others like it too.

there are those that make up Satan's seed just as Jehovah said their would be enmity
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More than likely, the other parts of the earth had not been completed! Meaning Jehovah could have taken him on forced tour of huge animals, Gigantic Dinosaurs, ETC working to fertilize the whole earth for preparation of a global Paradise! A huge bird could have picked him up and carried him for thousand of miles to show him what he lost out on. Just a thought.
Bklyn Kevin
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Satan did not literally kill Cain however Satan's influence was surely there and we know that to be true because unrighteousness was originally found in Satan NOW keep in mind that one of Satan's qualities Is Covetousness which led him to be insanely jealousy of Jehovah and we know that is true because In Satan's heart he thinks he will ascend to the heavens exalting his own counterfeit throne Above the stars of  God  and sit down on the mountain of meeting,. Isaiah 14:13-14.[Satan] You were faultless in your ways from the day you were created "Until unrighteousness" was found in you. Ezekiel 28:15. So in reality Satan is the original Sinner as well as liar in fact Satan the devil is the original influencer of unrighteousness and we know that to be true because of the account with Adam and eve when Satan wielded his unrighteous wicked influence and caused a rebellion against Jehovah in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:.Now Jehovah was well aware of Satan's unrighteous influence in fact Jehovah did take notice of this same attitude of  jealousy along with Covetousness developing in Cain's attitude, how do we know that to be true?  Because Jehovah lovely used his foresight and forewarned Cain of the impending danger before him and said"If you turn to doing good, will there not be an exaltation?  But if you do not turn to doing good, there is sin crouching at the entrance, and for you is its craving; and will you, for your part, get the mastery over it? Genesis 4:7.  However Jehovah's counsel made no progress with Cain.At this point Cain had a choice but we all know that Cain surely chose /allowed Satan's wicked influence to get the mastery over him thus killing his brother Abel probably in a fit of jealous rage.Although Satan didn't literally kill Abel Satan's wicked influence surely caused Abel's death, In this way It could be certainly said that Satan killed Abel.That's why Jesus said to the Pharisees -YOU are from YOUR father the Devil, and YOU wish to do the desires of YOUR father. That one was a "manslayer "when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of [the lie. John 7:44 More food for thought.> Romans5: Corinthians 15:

question "Why is it that Jehovah gave Cain special protection instead of letting him pay for his crime?.

We have to keep in mind that in the beginning GOD's purpose for mankind was to be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1:28.

now if Jehovah had put Cain to death right there at that moment - that would have surely worked against GOD's original purpose also keep in mind that Cain inherited Adamic sin and was already sentenced to death Romans 6:23.
So what would be the point of putting Cain to death ? - None I should say, however also keep in mind that Cain was not under the mosaic law because there was no mosaic law at that time.

So with all that being said it's obvious that Jehovah had a further purpose for Cain.

1 John 3:
9 Everyone who has been born from God does not practice sin, for His seed* remains in such one, and he cannot practice sin, for he has been born from God.
10 The children of God and the children of the Devil are evident by this fact: Whoever does not practice righteousness does not originate with God, nor does the one who does not love his brother.
11 For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another;
12 not like Cain, who originated with the wicked one and slaughtered his brother. And for what reason did he slaughter him? Because his own works were wicked, but those of his brother were righteous
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